neoarte   photographic solutions for art market, by Filipe Berndt.


Hi-Res Photo is an innovative technique, through which it is possible to make an extremely realistic photographic reproduction, with very high resolution and accurate representation of colors and textures, ideal for photos of art, cultural goods, architecture and urban or natural landscapes.

The extraordinary Hi-Res Photo result is based on a sophisticated photography technique and post-production. In some cases, a simple photograph is insufficient to scan the cultural good or the landscape in large scale and provide a meaningful representation of details. That's where the Hi-Res Photo technology is required to make a realistic picture.

The advantages of a Hi-Res Photo:
  ◊ High resolution and reproducibility in 1:1 scale.
  ◊ Capability to scan artworks of any size.
  ◊ Imaging study in detail, making it available to the scientific community.
  ◊ View of details almost imperceptible, even when facing the paint.
  ◊ Consistency of color, three-dimensionality and texture.
  ◊ Lack of chromatic aberration and lateral distortion.

Hi-Res Photo opens new possibilities for the editorial field. The images have such high resolution and quality that enable printing of large format volumes with very high level of reproducibility.

Hi-Res Photo is the most secure and professional technology to save and preserve an image of iconographic and cultural heritage, in addition to being a powerful tool for the promotion of museums and exhibitions.

Restoration projects
A Hi-Res Photo of an artwork before and after the restoration process is critical to the preservation and analysis of details and textures that will be studied throughout the process and in future studies.

Using specific software can make the images available on the web, in multimedia screens and tablets, providing images to the scientific community and other users and enabling the construction of virtual exhibitions in high resolution.