neoarte   photographic solutions for art market, by Filipe Berndt.


The 360º Virtual Tour allows anyone – anywhere and anytime – to freely visit and interact with certain locations, all they need is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Created in 360 degree VR (Virtual Reality) interactive panoramic photography (180ºx360º), the 360º Virtual Tour is ideal for companies whose greatest attraction is visual appeal, such as museums, art galleries, hotels, stores, restaurants, etc. If you need to show your space in a very realistic, interactive and absorbing way, this is the solution. The Virtual Tour allows your clients and visitors to always be present, even if they are miles away or your company is closed.

The 360º Virtual Tour can be produced with or without multimedia resources. In Flash or HTML5, including full screen, the photographs are adaptable to any monitor. The files, ready for the whole 360º experience, can be hosted on my server or recorded on CD/DVD.

The 360º Virtual Tour is spreading fast in many areas; you will find some examples bellow. Please contact me and request a quote.